Thank You To Essential Workers Video Submission



*we are no longer accepting video submission - thank you!*

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We are currently all dealing with a very difficult time, and no doubt, individuals, families and businesses have all felt the effects of Covid-19.

GOAL of this Video Project?

Let’s show the community and the world how STRONG Windsor-Essex County is. The goal of the video is to show how thankful we all are for everything essential workers are doing right now so that we can stay safe and with our family. Let’s get as many businesses and residents virtually together in ONE video, thanking our essential workers who are actively putting themselves at risk in order to serve us and our families during these trying times. Let’s flood as much positivity into this video as possible because together, we can overcome this and together, we can encourage and help others who may need some virtual hugs right now! Who knows, maybe it will put a smile on their faces!

What do you have to do?

SEND us a video of yourself, your dog/cat, your family (or whoever you are social distancing with), or your workforce, thanking these essential workers who are out and about right now, servicing our community. We want to HEAR FROM YOU!

Do you have anything positive to tell Windsor-Essex residents? Include it in the video!


PLEASE remember to stay home – we are NOT encouraging you to gather people together to create this video – we want you to record from your own home! 
•    Get creative – you have a number of ways to say thanks from the comfort of your own home!


Are you an essential worker? PERFECT! We want to hear from you.

You can:

  • Spread the message to stay home, 
  • Say something positive and encouraging,
  • Thank other essential workers like yourself

Are you currently a business that’s producing an essential for this crisis? 

WE WANT TO HEAR IT! Please include what your business and/or facility is doing to help essential and frontline workers during this time – not only can you thank the workers in your video, but you can also show the community what your business is doing to help!

Technical Specs

Remember, your video doesn’t have to be perfect! The smartphone in very your hands is sufficient enough to film and upload your video – it’s as easy as that!

You can always follow our Facebook Page or Instagram page to ensure you don't miss viewing the video once it drops!
Remember, during these times, you can still support your local businesses in a number of ways – ordering delivery from your local restaurants, purchasing gift cards to be used for when this pandemic ends, and purchasing birthday gifts for your loved ones from a local shop, among others.


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