What Did Hubble Capture on Your Birthday?

To celebrate it's 30th birthday in April, NASA released a fun new feature on it's website - when you enter your date of birth, you can find out which image Hubble captured on the day you were born. 

Hubble works 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, meaning there is an archive of images stored for each day since it was first establish in 1990.

Below is the image of Hubble on my birthday, in 2001! It's called the Galaxy NGC 3949, and according to NASA: "has a disk full of young, blue stars preppered with pink star-birth regions". 

Hubble Image from October 1 2001image courtesy of: NASA

To view your own NASA birthday image, click here to visit NASA's website - all you need to do is enter your birth month and day.


Article courtesy of diyphotography

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