Our Support for Pride Month and Black Lives Matter

It feels a bit out of place to say "Happy Pride Month" this year - this pride month is a little different than the past years! Pride is deeply connected to the Black Lives Matter movement. In 1969, modern gay rights movement began because of the activism of black members of the community. The Stonewall riots were led by several black trans-women, such as Marsha P. Johnson, and continued for days, leading to huge strides in history. This is why it's so important for the Black Lives Matter movement to receive the same support from the LGBT community during these very difficult times.

To show our support, we have donated to The Freedom Fund, who post bail for low-income individuals in jail and immigration facilities, focusing on LGBT individuals. It doesn't stop there though: this is just a small step and we are committed to doing more to support both causes until we reach a world where noone needs to live in fear for their skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, and gender.


Below we have provided a list so you can show your support to Windsor-Essex businesses who are LGBT+ and black owned!


Past Clients